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Joanna Kidner is an Oxfordshire based artist who examines her relationship between the somatic/natural and physical world and how she interacts within it in conjunction with the increasingly captivating and encroaching digital world.


To execute this, she combines domestic by-products, acoustic, visual and bodily experiences she has in her rural and home environment with the digital in the pursuit of finding congruence between the physical and digital realms in multi-sensory installation artworks

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Visuals of dog fur and still from dog mouth video - What big eyes you've got!

January 2016

July 2015


' A Dangerous Field' photographic exhibition as part of Oxford Photography Festival 16th - 19th October 2020 (Virtual)


'Art From the Heart' Zuleika gallery raising funds for the NHS -  April 26th - May 9th 2020 (Virtual)

'River of Styx and Elysian Fields installation exhibition and residency' (working with poet in residence Dan Simpson) Stowe National Trust park May - June 2020 (Postponed due to the pandemic)


Artist in residence - Magdalen Road Studios August 2019

'Shame Viva Exhibition" at Bellerbys College Oxford  August 2017

'Evolving forces exhibition' Nuffield Hospital

December 2016- January 2016

Resistant Forces Exhibition OVADA (Oxfordshire Visual Arts Agency)

January 2016 

 'First Year MA Exhibition' Harcourt Hill Campus Oxford Brookes University 2015

PGCE Final Exhibition June' Harcourt Hill Campus  Oxford Brookes University 2007

'Creationism/Evolutionism' The Chapel Harcourt Hill Campus Oxford Brookes University

'Oxford Dreams, Plans Visions'-MAO (Modern Art Oxford) 2006

June 1992

'Fresh Art Islington Design Centre

July 1992

'Kent University Final Degree exhibition'

June 1992

Drawing Competition KIAD institute 1991

Jesmonite eggs work in progress with boiling treacle projections 

Hammer and Egg series Herbert Reed Gallery KIAD institute 1991


August  2017

Masters Major Project 

Joanna gained a distinction for an MA in art and design education and her research during this time used the medium of film montage, through metaphor, composition sound and textual analysis, to explore how to better understand her position as a female artist educator. Her findings highlight and clarify how the proximity of historically embedded canons from the Enlightenment era are a corollary to those experienced in art education and the art institution today. She also  considers  the damaging implications of gendering art and design together with the importance for change within art education and the art establishment.




January 2016

Materials: jam, frozen jelly, projection of boiling jam, muslin pods and aluminium bowls

Photo 28-01-2016, 21 40 37 copy.jpg
Photo 28-01-2016, 21 45 18 copy.jpg
Photo 28-01-2016, 21 46 54 copy.jpg


Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact Joanna Kidner's artwork today.

2 Henwood Dr
Boars Hill, OX1 5JU
United Kingdom


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